Emblem of the school has an open book with sapling rising and grown up banyan tree with school initials of Bright Career. The open book stands for institutionalised learning; sapling symbolises inquisitive young mind and tree for deep-rooted conviction rising high.

MOTTO: Remove Darkness. Lead us to Light!

The association for Academic Attainments, the founder’s Board constitute the Governing Body consisting of prominent citizens of the town, people who are genuinely interested in education and in the all round development of the students irrespective of their social, religious and cultural background. The members of the body are all professionals in their own right belonging to a wide spectrum of society via: legal and medical practitioners, school and college teachers, business men, musicians, social workers and sportsmen. Matured and experienced as they are, function as the most appropriate guides for the Staff and students of the Bright Career.

Managing Committee & its members:

3 Parents of 3 Toppers

4 Senior Citizens